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Mommies can easily shop

Online shopping club

Mommies do a lot of work at home and many of them are engaged outside the home, for a example in business and charity. Very often they have no free time to visit a store in order to treat themselves and their children to new stylish clothing. May be it's coming soon the birthday of your nephew and you have not bought toy yet that he/she wants. In such cases many people have a thought why not buying online? But is there any online shop could which could satisfy our requirements? Does it offer a wide range of products, quality guarantee, low price, discount, short delivery time, purchase returns? Look at the first in Ukraine online shopping club for mothers and children mamam.ua. You will see that it can satisfy your requirements. It sells clothes for boys and girls, moms and dads, toys and books, health and beauty products, and homeware. The club "Mamam.ua" offers branded products for the whole family at exclusive prices! Companies come to the club to advertise product and are ready to provide the best prices for its customers! Discounts on goods can reach 70%, 80% or even 90%!


Club's digital marketing channels

The online shopping club is working on improving its marketing channels in the context of consumer convenience.

1. E-mail

Number of promotional items for purchase and time is limited, so it is important for you to follow the newsletter and have time to do bargain shopping at your favourite club!

2. Social media

You are able to monitor discount prices, which the club offers regularly, and to ask questions through its pages on Facebook (facebook.com), Vkontakte (vk.com), and Odnoklassniki (ok.ru).


Online shopping club for moms & kids

Online shopping club for moms & kids in social medias

The club adheres to the individual approach to ensuring feedback. During visiting the club's social networking sites, you can make sure that the club does not hide the negative reviews or problem questions. But there is not many such issues on the sites, and the club always tries to solve every problem and to give an answer to every question. He directs his forces to get loyal relations with customers and to improve customer relationship management.

3. Search engines

If you forget the club's URL, don't worry and try using keywords in Google or Yandex such familiar for parents, as: goods for moms and kids, all for children and mothers, clothes for babies etc. Usually Ukrainian consumers see the link to the website on the first page of search results.

4. Affiliate marketing

The club uses affiliate programs aimed at driving more sales or finding more consumers. Thus an adult or even a teen may see the ad and then by clicking the link go over from a website to the club's website to browse goods, make a choice and buy ones.



You do not have to go shopping and spend your time and nerves. So, rejoice yourself and your family from the comfort of home!



The post was published in accordance to MOOC's "Digital and Social Media Marketing" assignment, #passion4digital MOOC

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