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Oct 2016: Some interesting notes from media

  • Almost No One Attended Mark Zuckerberg's 2005 Lecture At Harvard's Comp Sci Class (Which Is Now Insanely Popular) // Business Insider

"Harvard students are smart people," Harry R. Lewis, director of undergraduate studies for Computer Sciencetold The Crimson. "They have figured out that in pretty much every area of study, computational methods and computational thinking are going to be important to the future."

Dec. 2005 guest lecture by Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg

One of the cool things about this time in technology is that individuals are leveraged and able to do way more than they've really ever been able to do before...

It's a pretty unique thing that that's going on in technology right now. It makes it so that instead of worrying about who is the big player and what is Google going to do next, you can do more of — you can just get a lot of stuff done. And instead of having to go out and have some of the traditional business problems, like you have to raise capital before you can make anything, that's no longer an issue. So you're leveraged to do a lot more on your own now.

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