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Хранение запасов продукции является неизбежной хозяйственной функцией для многих компаний вследствие неопределенности спроса на продукцию и неспособности к мгновенным поставкам по всем заказам от клиентов. Компании пытаются хранить товарно-материальные ценности таким образом, чтобы снизить общие затраты на логистику и достичь более высокого уровня обслуживания клиентов за счет лучшего согласования спроса и предложения. Складирование и хранение запасов в большинстве случаев осуществляются в узловых точках сети (цепи) поставок; являются главными функциями логистической системы.

Складирование и системы хранения

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This post depicts such business ideas, and concepts, technologies, and tools used in Order Fulfillment by shippers and retailers, as follows: brick-and-mortar, eCommerce, e-tailing, Warehouse Management System, hybrid distribution center, ship-from-store, last-mile delivery. There are also some explanations of order fulfillment and omni-channel, and multi-channel retail, as well as crowdsourced shipping and delivery, in the blog's post.


eComerce and Retail Supply Chain apply Ship-from-Store and Last Miles

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Supply Chain Operations Reference


Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) is a model that is used as a tool to map, set and develop supply chain operations (Stadtler and Kilger, 2008)

There are some elements of SCOR model in the infograpics.


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Resilient Supply Chain


Disruptions within Supply Chain

Nowadays, organizations perceive Volatility as a systemic condition. They face with demand uncertainty, variability in orders, and maintaining inventory and with many disruptions at any time. When demand rises, organizations try to match it by increasing production or supplies. ... Читать дальше »

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Operations Strategy

Operations Strategy

Why we might be interested in Operations Strategy

Operations Strategy is one of the most important categories for organizations (firms), which apply Operations Management, aimed at cost-effective adaptation under demand changes. Individual efforts to influence the cost, quality and availability and to reach organization's goals are usually wasted.

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scalability operations management



What is it?

It seems that this term, Scalability, is used by managers rarely. However you can meet it within MOOC courses, devoted to business and operations management or manufacturing systems. According to the analysis of publication ( ... Читать дальше »

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) has been developed progressively for several last decades. Researchers had been taking into account many different aspects that gave new categories such, as: Supply Chain Design, Lean SCM, Sustainable SCM and Green SCM.


Supply Chain Management

Let's take a look at some categories for supply chain management (SCM). But firstly there is a simple definition of supply chain

A supply chain is a set of relationships among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that facilitates the transformation of raw materials into fina ... Читать дальше »

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