Volodymyr (Vladimir)

Economic cybernetics | Business Analytics


ukr  rus (econ), docent 
  • logistics & supply chain management
  • business process management
  • data science
  • digital marketing
  • operations management
modeling & simulation (process mining and mapping, system-dynamic, discrete-event), operations research, data analysis and visualization
  • business process mapping, analysis, improvement
  • business analysis, consulting and training
  • scince and research
  • higher education, university teaching, lecturing
  • web content and social media management
iThink, PowerSim, Arena, BizAgi, MS Excel, R, Tableau, Power BI, Infogram, Moodle, WordPress

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It is devoted to ideas, concepts, models, methods and tools
useful to solve problems and make decisions in Business Management

data visualization

web-site (english): BP-SIMDAN >>>


2002 - Donetsk National University, specialty "Economic Cybernetics", qualification "economist and mathematician".
2005 - Postgraduate at the Department of Economic Cybernetics, specialty 08.03.02 - economic and mathematical modeling.
2006 - Defense of the Thesis on "Modeling of enterprises' interaction in supply chain".
2013 - Doctoral candidate, specialty 08.00.11 - Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in Economics.
2017 - Defense of doctoral thesis on "Models of problem-oriented management of economic objects".

Experience (career)

Donetsk National University



  • business statistics and economic cybernetics
         09.2018 — now
  • marketing
         09.2018 — now

Associate Professor


  • business statistics and economic cybernetics
         02.2016 — 08.2018
  • marketing
         09.2016 — 08.2018
  • international economic relations
         10.2017 — 06.2018
  • economic cybernetics
         09.2014 — 02.2016
  • international business and applied economics
         09.2007 — 06.2016
  • economic modeling
         09.2013 — 08.2014
  • economic cybernetics
         09.2007 — 11.2010

Teaching Assistant


  • economic cybernetics
         12.2005 — 08.2007
  • international business and applied economics
         12.2005 — 08.2007
  • economic cybernetics
         12.2004 — 06.2005


Dept. of economic cybernetics
     12.2002 — 12.2005


Kyiv University of Market Relations

Lecturer, mentor

Center for Postgraduate Education and Training
     11.2017 — now

► "Business Process Management Tools", "Modeling Logistics Systems", "Modeling Supply Chain Dynamics", "Modeling and Simulation"  for students "Economic Cybernetics"
► "Business Process Management"  for students "Applied Statistics"
► "Business Analysis Methods", "Economic Dynamics Modeling", "Mathematical methods and models of market economy" (Mathematical models of transformational economy)  for masters "Economic Cybernetics"
► "Logistics and Supply Chain Models" ⇒ for students "Economic Cybernetics"
► "Logistics" (Logistics: Supply Chain) ⇒ for masters "Applied Economics" and ⇒ "Business Administration"
► "Logistics Management" ⇒ for masters "Marketing"
► "Project Management Modeling" and "Mathematical Modeling of Projects" ⇒ for unemployed and entrepreneurs directed by Kiyv Employment Center to improve skills in activities of  "Project Management"
► "Business Process Management", "Methods and Tools of Logistics and Supply Chain Management" for unemployed and entrepreneurs directed by Kiyv Employment Center to improve skills in activities of "Business Development Manager"


  1. Certificate of the course "Introduction to Data Science, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence" (Ukrainian Catholic University, IBM, Ukraine, 23-24.04.2016) >>>
  2. Certificate of Advanced Training in the field of Innovative methods and approaches in education "Economics, Science, Education: Integration and Synergy", Academic society of Michal Baludansky (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2016) >>>
  3. Certificate of the training course "Distant Education Platform Moodle in the Academic Process of Higher Education Establishment" (The Center of Continuing Education of Donetsk National University, Ukraine, 2015) >>>

MOOCs Certificates

  1. Statement of Accomplished of Process MiningStatement of Accomplishment "Process Mining: Data science in Action(course offered by Eidhoven University of Technology, prof. Wil van der Aalst, through Coursera, issued January 20, 2015) >>>

  2. Certificate "R Basics - R Programming Language Introduction" (4-hour course by R-Tutorials Training & Udemy, issued August 11, 2017) >>>

  3. Certificate Introduction to RHonor Code Certificate "Microsoft's DAT204x: Introduction to R Programming" (~8 hours course by Microsoft Corporation through during 4 weeks, issued March 31, 2016) >>>

  4. Certificate "Training Sets, Test Sets, R, and ggplot" (1.5-hour course by Charles Redmond & Udemy, issued August 12, 2017) >>>

  5. Certificate Statistics for Business - IVerified Certificate of Achievement "IIMBx: QM101.1x Statisitics for Business - I(course offered by Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, Shankar Venkatagiri, through edX, issued August 18, 2015) >>>

  6. "The Data Scientist's Toolbox" & "R Programing" (courses of specialization "Data Science" authorized by John Hopkins University, Roger D. Peng, etc. & offererd through Coursera, August 8, and October 6, 2015) >>>  >>>

  7. INTUIT Certificate The Basics of Project ManagementCertificate awarded for completing "The Basics of Project Management" (72-hour course conducted by The National Open University "INTUIT" from March 4, 2016 to April 22, 2016) (рус)>>>    (eng)>>>

  8. Certificate awarded for completing "Project Management with PMI PMBOOK" (72-hour course conducted by The National Open University "INTUIT" from November 15, 2015 to November 29, 2015) (рус)>>>    (eng)>>>

  9. Certificate Coursera Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-MakingVerified Certificate "Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making" (course authorized by University of California, Irvine, instructor Rob Stone & offererd through Coursera, May 20, 2015) >>>

  10. "Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World" (developed by prof. Lex Hoogduin, University of Groningen, at FutureLearn, finished 19.01.2015) >>>

  11. Statement of participation "Digital and Social Media Marketing" (taught from September 2015 to November 2015 by Dr. Aleksej Heinze (Salford Business School, University of Salford) & etc., and cerftified be Iversity>>>

  12. Certificate Intro to Operations Management - IVerified Certificate of Achievement "OM101.1x Introduction to Operations Management - I(course offered by Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, prof. D. Mahadevan, through edX, issued October 8, 2015) >>>

  13. "Innovation: The Key to Business Success" (~12 hours course developed by University of Leeds, at FutureLearn, finished 12.08.2017) >>> 

  14. Certificate of Achievement "Big Data for Better Performance(course by open2study, Open Universities Australia, issued Semptember 5, 2017)


Diploma "ТOP-40" of the university teacher rating - 2016
♦ Merit Certificate of DonNU for significant achievements in scientific activities
♦ Merit Certificate of DonNU for for conscientious, and productive work and significant contribution to the development of economic education
♦ Scholarship for young scientists of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Certificate of Associate Professor of Department of Economic Cybernetics
♦ Personal Scholarship for young scientists by Public Foundation "Donechchina"
01.01.2004 — 31.12.2004
♦ Award for high school students for sceintific work by National Academy of Sciences

Scientific Supervision

3 theses (candidate of economic sciences) were defended under scientific supervision.

Official Opponent

1 thesis for the degree of doctor of science in economics
4 theses for the degree of candidate of science in economics 

Expert Commissions

Worked as chairman or member of expert commissions on licensing and accreditation expertise of university or specialty (2010 — 2013 years)


Scientific papers and monographies: list >>>