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Смыкание – это один из способов обработки количественных показателей временных рядов для обеспечения их сопоставимости.

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Інфографіка Випускники економічної кібернетики

Випускники спеціальності "Економічна кібернетика"

Кафедра бізнес-статистики та економічної кібернетики

Донецького національного університету імені Василя Стуса

Інфографіка для електронного альманаху "Наші випускники"

Перейти до публікації >>>

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Order Fulfillment within Retail Supply Chain


eComerce and Retail Supply Chain apply Ship-from-Store and Last Miles


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The BPMN 2.0 Quick Guide provides quick access to a listing of all BPMN 2.0 visual elements. A concise description for each element is available. You can navigate the guide by clicking on shapes or by using the table of content. You can also search for a particular term. A BPMN 2.0 glossary based on the specification document is also available within the quick guide.



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What must we know about a project first? What characteristics allow us classify an activity as a project?

To give the answer on these questions it is worth to look at the properties of a project from the viewpoint of a manager. There is an infographics of the project properties in the Blog >>>


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SCOR model

New blog's post has the infographics of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR model) >>>


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Continious Inventory Review

The post is about what is inventory, and what are the main issues in inventory control. It explains two major classes of inventory policies - continuous inventory review and periodic inventory review. Inventory policies help determine how much is order quantity and when order must be placed to replenish inventory stock. There are fixed-order-quantity system and (s, Q)-policy, and fixed-time-period system and (t, S)-policy,

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There is a new postin the blog. It concerns how to apply the ABC Classification System to objects of logistics and supply chain management.These objects, for example, inventory items, suppliers and customers, are not of equal importance.


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Resilient Supply Chain


What is Resilience as the system's ability? Why we should take it into account? What is required to make Supply Chain resilient?


Pearson Education (myPEARSONstore)


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Operations Strategy

Operations Strategy is one of the most important categories for organizations (firms), which apply Operations Management, aimed at cost-effective adaptation under demand changes. Individual efforts to influence the cost, quality and availability and to reach organization's goals are usually wasted.

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